701cc Eclipse Build Review

We completed our 701cc Eclipse build some time ago. During the 2021 season it had around 40hrs put on it with no issues at all.

The ski runs on 93 Octane with 100 Octane 1/2 & 1/2

Maxima k2 Oil

We are beyond happy with how the build turned out the power is incredible for a 701 it can execute flat water flips with ease and all the other tricks like barrel rolls and 360s , Luke has been executing 3 trick combos with this machine.

The real test has been using it for boat wake sessions because of the weight of the ski it performs huge backflips and 540s with reasonable sized boat wakes.

There has been minimal tuning required on this setup it just works!

Setup is

701cc Yamaha Platform 

Boyesen Intake , Full Spectrum 48mm Carbs , Total Loss Msd , Torrent Pro 155 Pump , RRP Textreme Pipe.

All handling parts are available in our shop.

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